Wednesday, January 9, 2013

For the few or for the many

"Sacrifice the few to save the many"

I was speaking to my captain the other day in terms of the numbers in our sections and the like in the calm after the storm.  We sat talking with the other officers after the company night as to how to go forward in the new year.  However something my captain said bugged me.

" Some kids are great to have in the group, but as much as we try to keep these kids, they will eventually give up."  Referring to the odd kids, the loners so to say.  Imaginative, artistic and highly creative are often major characteristics.  Sport on the other hand is not.  So when it comes to games which the others enjoy greatly, these ones often sit on the sidelines.

Of course when running the games you are often stuck to almost ignore the one.  I struggle with this concept.  When I'm not running an activity i make it my duty to encourage those whom sit aside.  The answers from them often being, "i'm no good at sports", or in some rare cases "i like it but i just want to sit out".  (Some kids really confuse me).

So unless another officer does the duty of talking to these kids I can do but shout encouragement in between running things, a task that is often unsuccessful.  I have rarely seen another officer do so, they've often tried and given up.

Sometimes you even make headway with a child, who then leaves without word. Somewhat soul destroying.

So my thoughts lie with the singular statement above.  Is it worth more to run our activities for the many, or try to do so for the few at the risk of losing the others?

Sadly, my captain may have wisdom I'm too stubborn to accept.  How about you?

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