Sunday, January 13, 2013

Oranges & sunshine

Our world has so many flaws.  The people, so many vices.  I have so many vices.  But sometimes it still amazes you to see the damage that can be done from one to another.

In this case I'm talking of the film 'Oranges & sunshine'.  Which documents the struggle for a social worker to come to terms with, and deal with the mass migrations of children to Australia.  This being done without consent of parents, in fact the children were, in some cases, told that their parents had died!

Once in Australia few dreams of Oranges and sunshine were realised.  Many were sent to places where they were used as labour.  In some cases abused in the most vile forms.  Then they were ignored.

Our government, and the charities who supported the work, hid the migrations from sight.  They pretended it had never happened.  It took years of work to find parents, names, anything to help the lost children of our empire.  23 years before the government even admitted it had happened!

The truth behind human sin is infinite.  We treat each other like dirt.  We take a step up by pushing each other down, revelling in it.  We've made it all too easy to bypass the truth and come out smelling of roses.  The little we do for others is considered enough.

I ask you now to strive for the best.  Normal is not good enough.  You can always do more and what you give will surely be given back to you with interest by He who we call God.  For we shall all face troubles,  but God is with us.

Finally, Human nature is to learn.  Let us move forward, let us forgive, but let us set things right.  We are all in God's Kingdom, we are all brothers.  Live like you mean it!  And love one another.

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