Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Fill-in Games: Elevens

Another one for the younger lot.


 Get all the kids sitting on the floor in a circle, legs pointing inwards.

The Game:

Starting with one foot the kids count to eleven for each foot.  I.e. first kid taps right foot on floor and says 1, then 2 on the left and round the circle.

The kid who is unlucky enough to be 11 takes that foot out of the game then starts with the next foot from 1 again.

That's it!!!

The winner is the person with the last foot in wins.

No idea why this game is fun but they enjoy it!

Expanding the game.

I must admit this is drawn from a more adult version with beverages but it is the natural extension. My friends would call it 21 and the same principle, but you can each say upto 3 numbers.  The person that says 21 is still in but chooses a new rule for the game.  I.e. miss 8 or make a noise instead of 12, a sign or the like.  Pretty much anything goes within reason.  This is more suited to teenagers.  Of course the target switches to wanting to say 21 to make up a rule often.  If you fail to do the right thing however you loose a life and the numbers start again with till 21 is reached and a new rule is created or someone else makes a mistake.

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